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What is time?

2022 happened. Somethings were good, some not so good. Most of it, though, was just average. I often struggled to find the motivation to do all the things the way I used to. I had to let go of a lot of things. Deciding what fit my business and where I was mentally. I cut way back on social media, which while it helped my mental state, did not really help my bank balance. Surprise! People don't know they can buy things if you don't tell them. And I started to realize how many things I have made that I never listed in the shop. Or things I redesigned, but never switched images. So many moving parts to keep track of.

It is really no secret that I love a list. And I really really love checking things off a list. Instead of doing a weekly or monthly list I decided that I would do quarterly. And that I would give many of the items levels. I don't want to set myself up for failure. I will be curious how this list is going to look in 3 months. I am hoping to see lots of checks. It is so satisfying to cross something off.

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