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Favorites Things No.2

How is it already the end of the week again? This week was filled with the Faire Market, a virtual wholesale show for retailers, which kept me pretty busy. But that doesn't mean I did have little things that made me happy.

1.Hangouts With Friends

Several times this week I was able to meet up with friends for a quick bite to eat. And it was just delightful. Our schedules are generally so busy we don't have time to get together very often, but when we do I am reminded of how luck I am.

2. Daily (ish) Art Practice

I have been working on these little mini collage cards this month. Trying to do one a day just to let myself have fun with things I am not going to want to sell. The push to try and monetize everything is very draining. You are allowed to just enjoy making without having to sell it all. These little mini cards are really fun and I am getting to use a lot of my scrap papers up in the process.

3. Fire Drills - Dessa

Ever few months I go through a phase where I will put this song on repeat. It is really great when I am frustrated by how the world treats women. Such a good song.

4. Color Palettes

I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to these. I am forever trying to add more color in to my work and my life. These palettes show the range available.

5. Things Being Orderly

Most of my work space is chaos, but when I am making magnets I love to get everything lined up and organized. It is very soothing. Now if I could just implement this in other areas of my life.

See you next week with more Favorite things.


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