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Friday Favorites No.3

Not quite sure where the month has gone. I find myself saying that a lot. Individual days seem to take forever, but the months go by so quickly. Time is weird, but I am back on track for a Friday Favorites.

1.) Ides of March Memes

They just delight me to no end.

2.) Agnes and the Hitman

I am currently rereading this delightful romp of a book. I knew I loved it, but I had forgotten how much. Most of my reading these days is rereading since that is all my brain can handle. And this one is just perfect.

3.) Revisiting my Early Pandemic Playlist

Again with the "what is time" theme, back in the early days of the Pandemic I created a Social Distancing playlist with the help of some friends. There are some great songs on there and I happy with how it turned out. It is over on YouTubeMusic if you want to check it out.

4.) Cute little Egyptian bowl with feet

Look how adorable this is!!! I love tiny ceramic bowls, especially when they have such fun details. This bowl is at the Met.

Okay, this is all I can do for today. I have to get back to recreating some lost sticker images. I am not sure where they went off too, but I searched all my backups and they are not to be found.

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