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I love making lists. I also love crossing things off the list. What I have a harder time is actually doing what is on the list. I am really trying to be better about changing that. As of this post I have managed to make 12 new magnets, 12 new greeting cards. I have also made the catalog pages and updated the wholesale catalog pdf. Go Me. No, really. These were the biggest thing on the list. The next is signing up for Faire. So much stuff to think about.



One of my other big projects for the year is trying to sort out all the files on my computer and my various external hard drives. So so so so many images. I need to get rid of ones I know I will never use. And move the ones I have used to a separate space so I don't have to waste time looking at them. And there are a lot of magnets I have updated in my system, but I haven't changed the image online. The fun never ends. Now back to making fun colorful things.


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