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I am still hard at work on redesigning a lot of my older images, but I thought I would introduce myself. I am the Kate in ChicalooKate and I have been making things for most of my life, but Chicaloo was formed back in 2003. It has slowly evolved from making jewelry to photography to record and vhs cover notebooks to its current lineup of magnets, mugs and cards. I have always been a maker, designing bookmarks for my school library in the third grade and making ribbon barrettes of the sixth (They were a thing. Almost their own currency when I was in middle school.) I made notebooks and candles, tried my hand a knitting (multiple times) and numerous other crafts. But selling stuff didn't start until 2003 and it was only because I was making so much jewelry that I didn't have room for anything more pieces. But as much as I loved what I was making it was not easy to get in to shows because there was so much competition. My stuff was fun, but not AMAZING. I have friends that make incredibly beautiful and intricate jewelry and mine was not in that category. So, I started branching out making recycled record bowls and album cover notebooks. Then adding photography to the list a year later. Then I decided that magnets and coasters would be fun.

My currently lineup has been in place for awhile. Greeting Cards, Notebooks, Magnets, Mugs, Pencils, Oh My. I am a one woman operation and make most of my stuff in house. The stickers and pencils are professionally made. I couldn't justify buying the imprinter necessary to make the pencils. I have so many pieces of equipment currently in my house and I have no idea where another one would go. I love that I get to do all of this, it makes me happy. (Even though I don't really look like I am in this photo.)

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