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2020 Refresh

I have been making magnets for almost 10 years now. And some of them I am still making today. I still love the quotes, but I was a bit tired of the backgrounds. One of the big items on the To Do List for January was seeing what still needed to be listed in my online shop. (Spoiler, it was a lot.) While I was at it I decided to redo some of my original magnets. And by "some" I mean the majority of them. It didn't start out that way, but I once I started I couldn't stop. I still have a few I want to change. (I also redid a bunch of mugs designs because why not.)

The below photo is an example of the first magnets I made. I used to type out the quotes, glue them on to the background I wanted and then I scanned them. For printing I use to use a photo service to help boost the colors a bit. It was very labor intensive and the colors were never what I wanted.

Now I do it all in photo shop and I can tweak the colors and placement and they are so much easier to read. I have hundreds of magnet designs and when I look back you see what color mood I was in by how many I design in the same color family. Sometimes I liked a background, but it was too busy to really work with the chosen quote. It helps to revisit my designs now and then just to make sure it is all working.

Speaking of working I am going to get back to it....

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