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Trying Not To Jinx Anything 2024 Edition

We are in the middle of a snowy/icy January here in the Mitten State. I am fine with it because I managed to get through all of my Nov./Dec. shows without any inclement weather. This is a miracle in my book because there is usually some meteorological shenanigans going on.

Because time continues to be weird it is already time to start thinking about Valentine's day shows. I have 2 this year which is very exciting. First up is the Flint Handmade Craft Market on Feb. 3rd at the Flint Farmer's Market.


And then the following week I am back for Cleveland Bazaar's show at Lake Affect Studio on the 10th. It has been several years since I have done this show and I am really excited to have it on my calendar again.


I rarely promote this blog because I am not very consistent with it, but I have some fun ideas for it that I want to try in 2024. I think it will pretty neat. Though, like the title of this post I don't want to jinx it.

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